Termsheet - 3.0-Year 100% Capital Protected Note - Cliquet performance

Bank XXX
Bank YYY
Notional Amount (NA)
USD 8,000,000
Issue Price
104.0% of NA
USD 80,000
Issue Date
23rd Nov 2007
Strike Set Date
26th Nov 2007
Final Observation Date
26th Nov 2010
Maturity Date
29th Nov 2010
Final Payoff
NA + NA x max (0, Participation x Cliquet Performance)
Indicatively 260%
Reference Basket

1. Index1 = IndexA Weight1= 30%

2. Index2 = IndexB Weight2= 30%

3. Index3 = IndexC Weight3= 40%

Cliquet Performance

Sum of monthly returns over the life of the trade

where Returnj is the monthly return of Reference Basket from Observation Datej-1 to Observation Datej as defined below:

Observation Datej
26th day of each month, starting from Strike Set Date + 1 month (Observation Date 1) and ending on Final Observation Date (Observation Date 36). If such a day is not a trading day for an index, the following trading Day for that index.
Business day
London, New York
Payment currency


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